Our purpose is simple. We bring you salon quality tanning, minus the nasties. With healing benefits from the finest ingredients, Three Warriors is the only tanning range that gets you glowing from the inside out. Natural, certified organic formulas and a luxe glow for everybody, every time.

Tasmania - If you haven’t already visited our pristine State, then please do! Imagine some of the oldest growth rain forests, purest water, lush olives groves producing organic olives that are hand pressed into the most nourishing oil. We are known for having the cleanest water supply in the world, so it was a no brainer to drop most of this liquid gold into each product. The Certified Organic Manuka and Leatherwood Honey we source from Hobart is like no other on earth- If you have dry skin, eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis then never fear, TW is here, the healing and antibacterial properties in our honey will be your lifesaver! We know where to find the finest organic and natural ingredients that we hand source from our beautiful island.

In 2015, I was a ‘warrior’ fighting a battle. Falling physically unwell, I suffered intense daily migraines, high blood pressure, hives, brain fog, short term memory loss, daily anxiety, full body nerve pain and constant, unexplained fatigue, along with many other nasty symptoms. After 4 years of endless visits to numerous doctors, specialists, multiple scans and tests I was diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS). This was a result of a build-up of toxins in my body, including very high levels black mold (Mycotoxin Poisoning) which I was unknowingly being exposed to. CIRS is a chronic illness that can take many years to recover from. The journey to recovery hasn’t been easy. As an integral part of my journey to regain full health, I decided to change my diet sourcing the cleanest organic foods, water and cutting out processed sugars. I started to consider what I was putting on my skin and how it had an impact on my wellbeing. I realised that to be able to properly care for my body, I needed to choose organic and toxic-free products. I searched far and wide for self-tanning products that were cruelty-free, certified organic and toxic-free. As it turns out, that miracle range didn't exist. So, as any ‘warrior’ would do, I created my own range.


Why the name ‘Three Warriors’ you ask?
The definition of a ‘warrior’ ranges from "a person who is known for being involved in warfare," to "someone who fights in battle and is known to have courage and skill," even to "someone who is engaged in some struggle or conflict."
Growing up I lost my father at the incredibly young age of 10. Dealing with his sudden death made my family join together to become true warriors. I am the third child and the youngest in the family. My mother has always called my siblings and I the Three Warriors. This tribute to my past, along with the relevance of the term ‘warrior’ that I adopted as a mantra when fighting against my own debilitating illness, is how the name of my tanning product range came about.

I want to bring awareness to all ‘warriors’ near and far; listen to your body, take care of it, know what you’re putting on your skin. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, our bodies need to be nourished. Know what you are being exposed to in your environment. Sometimes it takes just one thing to alter our health and wellbeing and to realise how precious our bodies truly are.

The models that I chose to represent Three Warriors have all had their own health journey, and have come out stronger and more powerful than ever. We aim to showcase this through all our imagery, social media, and marketing, as we believe this is what everyone can resonate with.


I want to thank you for taking the plunge to look after your body, we only have one body, so nourish and cherish it as much as you can!

Corbin x