Corbin’s Trip To Cyprus To Treat Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

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Corbin’s Trip To Cyprus To Treat Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Like all good founder stories, a brand often begins with an idea of a concept or niche product that’s not yet available in the market, most often as a result of a personal experience or need. For Corbin Halliday, the founder of our brand Three Warriors this was very much the case, after his own experience with a mystery illness in 2014, which was then diagnosed as Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS), opened his eyes up to the world of toxins and how harmful they can be to the human body.


Through Corbin’s experience of CIRS, which has involved debilitating migraines, nerve pain in arms and legs, hypertension, brain fog, memory loss, gut inflammation and SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) as a result of black mould, he has ever since been on a journey to remove toxins and harmful chemicals from his own lifestyle and from tanning products, while also continuing to pursue therapies to effectively support his ongoing struggles with a currently under researched syndrome.


It has been during this journey that Three Warriors organic tan was born. A sunless, organic tan purely derived from plant derivatives, direct from Mother Nature and from his island state, Tasmania, Corbin has managed to create a product he loves, can continue to use and that is supportive for his health and all those who use it. However, after nine years of ongoing doctor appointments and holistic treatments, notably with Dr Ashley (see an interview with her here), a cure is yet to remain. So recently Corbin stepped up his treatment and took a once in a lifetime plunge, enlisting in an intensive treatment program in Cyprus, one of the only known places to support CIRS in the world.


Spending four weeks at the Poseidonia Healthcare Centre in Cyprus, and spending over $100,000, a decision that was not made lightly, but felt like his only source of hope, Corbin has recently returned back from treatment and is now sharing his story.


Read on for a first hand account and interview with our founder Corbin on what it’s like, to fly to the other side of the world, to seek hope for treatment of CIRS, and undergoing intensive six hour a day treatment. He shares his story with us…


Interview with Founder Corbin On Treating CIRS In Cyprus


Q. Let’s begin with the basics first…what is CIRS?

Good question, it’s not very well known at the moment which is why it’s been tough to find treatment and why I am passionate about talking about it, to raise awareness and with the hope to one day find a cure that’s life long. CIRS stands for ‘Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome’ and is attributed with exposure to harmful types of mould, like black mould which are known to produce mycotoxins and lead to mycotoxin poisoning. It’s still relatively under researched, but according to Australian Department of Health, they acknowledge it as “collection of chronic debilitating symptoms and complexes that have been attributed to exposure to mould [and] include symptoms such as skin sensitivity, chronic sinus inflammation, photophobia, night sweats, lightheadedness, chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, muscle and joint pains, cognitive impairment, and malaise.” In Australia, mould is sadly quite common due to so many areas being coastal, and with higher proximity to bodies of water, higher the chances of damper home environments. I found out unfortunately the hard way, way later on that I had been living in a home with black mould for a long time, and by that time my symptoms had already developed beyond repair.


Q. What made you decide to travel to Cyprus for such a intensive treatment?

Having suffered from CIRS for 12 years and not having the treatment available to me in Australia, it was a tough decision but after a lot of research felt right. At times I have honestly felt completely debilitated from all the pain and relentless symptoms - from nerve pain, high blood pressure, brain fog, memory loss, ongoing gut Inflammation it’s not been fun. It wasn’t a decision I made lightly, but funnily enough when I arrived a lot of the other patients I met there were also Australian. Reading up on it, the Australian government also hasn’t currently got many known methods, or specialised protocols that can really help, so this felt like my one shot.


Q. What was the reason for choosing Cyprus and what factored into your decision to spend $100k on treatment?

It was definitely not a quick decision. I spent years researching into how I could treat it and hope to find a cure or long term solution. In this process I got lucky to come into contact with a friend of mine who was in fact suffering from the same condition too and had already visited the clinic I was looking into. This friend has been blessed with being in remission ever since, so it felt like my best hope. As Australia has no known place to treat CIRS, and I heard of such promising results from a friend, after lots of time weighing up the decision I took the plunge to go all in and book as an inpatient at Poseidonia Healthcare in Cyprus and complete the full four week program - and no regrets!


Q. What did treatment involve day-to-day?

CIRS is due to a build up of toxicity in the body, so the treatment protocols involve a mix of cleansing and detoxifying treatments, alongside vitamin transfusions and immunity and nervous system support. For me this looked like six hours a day combining the following treatments: Daily IV fluids with a potent mix of Selenium, Zinc, Vitamin B. Cryotherapy for 2 minutes a day, at 40 degrees. 2 hours of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy daily: a chamber where up to eight people go in at once and you breathe in 100 per cent oxygen, at minus 40 metres below the ocean level. This process increases pressure to saturate tissues and repair the body by growing new stem cells and repairing cellular damage. Transfusions to help remove bacterial waste, mould and other toxins from the blood. The usual amount removed would be 200ml, but I had 800ml removed. Lymphatic massage to help with fluid drainage Ozone colonics

Q. How did you find the intense parts of the treatment?

I will say the cryotherapy was freezing! I felt very claustrophobic. To do the treatment you have to change into a robe, slippers and gloves then step into this machine called the Ice Queen. It has a circle cut-out for your face and that’s it - so naturally you can imagine how claustrophobic I felt! As you step into it, there is a little elevator that pushes you up then seals and locks you in. The machine is really loud and makes a vacuum-like sound, and then all of a sudden these vents open inside the machine and it drops the temperature down to less than -140 degrees celsius. Somehow, you’re in there for 2 minutes! During that time, I remember the ice particles on my skin creating this intense tingling sensation. It was crazy! I was also shocked to discover the high amount of bacterial waste, mould and toxins removed from my blood during the transfusions. I was told most people usually have 200ml taken, but I had 800mls removed in the first week. To be able to see the toxins in my blood being removed from my system was one of the most incredible feelings, it felt very assuring.


Q. Having now completed the program how do you feel?

I have only just got back but it’s amazing how well your body recovers from such an intensive treatment. I am told it’s over the next couple of months that we will start to see the real difference. What I can say though is that what I’ve learnt from this journey so far is there is so much power in having: morning sun, hot and cold therapy, perspiring, and high levels of oxygen alongside daily grounding practises for the nervous system. The combination really is able to detoxify your body more than you could ever imagine (and I don’t think we give things credit enough!). I will definitely be taking these lessons forward with me and incorporating these elements into my daily life. I also feel like I’ve learned so much and hope to carry these lessons and healing messages forward to support others on their healthy journey, and am excited to share that I am now currently writing a book! The philosophy of my book will be centred on helping people and encouraging them to seek a healthy and more fulfilling life, while touching on my health and business journey. So stay tuned!



Disclaimer: The contents of this blog are based solely on Corbin Halliday’s personal experience and should not be construed as formal, professional medical advice. The contents provided here are for informational purposes only. If you are not feeling well or suspect that you may be experiencing symptoms related to CIRS (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome) or any other medical condition, it is essential to seek guidance from a qualified healthcare provider.

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