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Article: 5 Ways To Supercharge Your Skin This Spring

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Skin This Spring

5 Ways To Supercharge Your Skin This Spring

Just because it’s dull outside, doesn’t mean your skin has to be.

As the change of season arrives, it’s natural for skin to become dry, sensitive or lacklustre, but it’s also an invitation to up our skincare ante -  focusing on rituals that maintain moisture levels during the drier months.

How do we do that? First, by understanding what happens in Winter and why the temperature can so radically affect our skin. 

According to the experts at Harvard University, in Winter the humidity outdoors and indoors is low and this is a problem because the water content of the epidermis (outer layer of skin) often reflects or responds to the level of humidity around it. 

Translation: without enough water and humidity in the air our skin will dry out.

Adding to that, if we get too much sun exposure, over cleanse, scrub a little too often or spend a lot of time near a heater, our skin will react, becoming rough, flakey, itchy or even burning.

Knowing that avoiding a heated room isn’t possible, it’s about learning how to work with and combat against these common symptoms rather than waiting until they break out.

Skin vibrancy is definitely something we all can achieve with the right advice and support 

It just begins with positive intentions and custom rituals and products that keep Winter in mind and that allow skin to not only survive but thrive during the seasonal change. 

For practical ways to swerve ashy, dry, sensitive and irritable skin and say hello to inner and outer luminosity follow on for our tips below.

5 Ways To Nourish And Supercharge Skin This Spring

1. Honour hydration 

The surface level of skin, known as the epidermis, is the main protective barrier that locks and seals in moisture. However it’s also the main layer that interacts with the external environment, so when exposed to a change in elements, will be the first to show up as dry and dehydrated.

With this in mind, sourcing the right moisturiser to combat parched skin is crucial for keeping skin healthy, hydrated and flake-free.

According to research, the best moisturisers for skin are products that contain squalene, ceramides or plant-based face oils (like jojoba oil) as they hydrate and soothe irritation.

We love both the Habitual Beauty Rejuvenating Face Oil (packed with squalene and jojoba oil) and Nourishing Moisturiser (containing Inca Oil, Ceramides and Shea Butter), for max hydration, mix two drops of the oil into the moisturiser and massage into thirsty skin for optimal results.


2. Stick to your scrub routine

Fear of flaky skin may feel like a sign to up your exfoliating routine in Spring, but here’s why you should keep to your usual routine…

Research shows that when we over scrub the skin it can actually lead to disruption of the epidermis and result in breakouts, tight, red and irritated (and sometimes…drier) skin.

In contrast, just sticking to a usual scrub routine can enhance collagen production (plumps skin), prevent pores from clogging, enhance product absorption and lead to brighter skin.

What is the magic number of times per week? Well one to two times a week is appropriate according to the experts, however it’s all down to how your skin responds.

The main takeaway here is to not err too much outside of your usual skincare routine, aiming for balance and regularity rather than extremes.

As for how to scrub safely to take care of skin, we recommend placing a scrub on finger tips, massaging in gentle circular motions for 30 seconds then rinsing off with lukewarm water.

For a scrub that is natural, plant-based and gentle on skin we adore our Tasmanian Sand Scrub - made with sand sourced from Tasmanian shores, walnut shell, aloe vera and coconut oil for added hydration.

3. Feed your face

Our face is the first element that interacts with the world each day -it’s the first thing we see and the first thing others see, so feeding it with the right nutrients should be a number one priority.

Because let’s face it - even if cosied up in sweaters and scarves with little else exposed, a good facial glow will shine through and boost spirits even on the most grey of days.

For vibrant and vitalised skin we recommend a good face tan water. A face tan water - unlike other tanning products that can sometimes clog pores - is a fine mist that hydrates skin while also adding a hint of colour.

Rather than going through Winter with ghost-like skin, a good face tan water should give you a glow from the inside out - leaving you refreshed, nourished and looking like you’ve got back from Europe (even if you sadly haven’t left the couch all season). 

We may be biased but when it comes to a clean beauty face tanning product ( that also has gained cult status with the A-listers) you can’t go past our Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist.

Made with rose oil, Tasmanian olive oil and aloe vera, this plant-based face tan will lock in moisture, prevent signs of photo-ageing, calm skin and encourage a youthful, sun kissed glow all at once. Yum!



4. Give the body a boost

Shaving legs isn’t the only thing that tends to go astray when we begin layering up… hands up who also skips doing a full body tan and scrub? Same.

While our limbs may not be getting the sunlight exposure of Summer, it doesn't mean that dead skin cells disappear or that a drop in body confidence won’t occur.

We like the way celebrity spray tanner Jules Von Hep describes it for Harper's Bazaar when she says that a fake tan can be a “cloak of confidence” that can help you feel better in a dress, more amazing at an event or hide signs of exhaustion. 

Consider giving your body some love each week with a full shaving, tanning, moisturising ritual.

It needn’t be as intense as usual either - rather than focus on a deep colour or as much effort as beach season, consider incorporating a once a week routine that provides a refresh. 

A little scrub, smooth and tan will boost body confidence and leave you feeling nourished rather than forgotten over Winter. For a quenching hydration boost with in-built tan try our Three Warriors Gradual Tan. 

Before use - begin by shaving or waxing, enjoy a full body scrub in the shower using Three Warriors Exfoliating Mitt and a scoop of Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub then finish it all off by smoothing the gradual tan over skin to lock in moisture and build a healthy glow. 

5. Savour self care 

Self care is something we know we should do but often life gets in the way and it can fall to the back of our priorities list.

However if we turn to ancient cultures and practises that take a more seasonal approach to living, such as Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, Spring should be a time spent reviving our life energy and indulging even more in rituals that support health and vitality.

For example, within the ancient Indian practise of ayurveda, self care rituals (known as ‘rituacharya’) in Winter include: abhyanga (a full body massage using warm oil),  yoga, deep breathing and a neti pot (to clear nasal passage) and swedana (a facial steam using a warm cloth and essential oils).

While in Chinese medicine, Winter is associated directly with the kidney and urinary bladder organs, which according to Dantian Health are supported by: active rest, keeping warm, reflecting inwards (meditation), eating warm foods (stews and casseroles) and acupuncture (to bring the body into balance). 

By supporting the body and nervous system through a long and depleting season,  your qi or prana (life energy) will be revitalised and naturally promote a glow from the inside out!

For more ideas on how to nourish your skin and body see our blog for rituals and tanning tips or to view the Three Warriors range see our shop here.  

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