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Article: Natural Self-Tan with Australian Beauty Ash Hart

Natural Self-Tan with Australian Beauty Ash Hart

Natural Self-Tan with Australian Beauty Ash Hart

A-beauty, short for Australian beauty, is all about embracing a natural, effortless approach to skincare and makeup. It stands out for its simplicity and effectiveness.

The key to the Ashley Hart, model, soon-to-be mum, and wellness thought leader effortless quintessential Australian beauty routine. 

Want to embrace Ash’s laid-back and effective approach to beauty? Ditch the more is more approach and embrace your natural beauty through these philosophies.

Effortless Routine

One of the key principles of A-beauty is simplicity. The focus is on enhancing your natural beauty rather than masking it. A typical A-beauty routine is refreshingly simple, often involving just a few high-quality products that deliver results.

“I love how effortless, summery and undone Australian beauty can be. I use the gradual tan and face tan water for an instant confidence boost. It makes my skin look and feel radiant. It’s skincare with a golden glow.”

A-Beauty in a time-poor society

This minimalist approach encourages you to ditch the foundation and embrace your authentic self (why wouldn’t you? You’re god-damn perfect!) and in turn saving you a whole lot of GRWM time. The Face Tan Water, a skincare/tan hybrid will help you feel confident in your own skin, a soft golden glow that helps to even skin tone, hydrate and rejuvenate. 

Literally just wake up and glow… I mean go!

Would you like to fry with that?

 Australia is home to some of the harshest UV radiation levels on the planet. We’re all for an order of the ‘bronzed aussie’ aesthetic, but without the side of skin damage please. It’s one of the reasons why we created Three Warriors. We’re serious about sun protection and will always advocate for a sunless glow. One of our biggest beauty secrets? SPF Every. Damn. Day and get your glow from a more natural source, just like those in the know.

 “Three Warriors has made understanding what’s in your products uncomplicated; you can read every ingredient on the label and instantly know what it is - it’s 100% plant and vegetable based.”


At the heart of A-beauty lies a deep connection with nature, similarly, Three Warriors emphasises the use of native Australian ingredients in all its products. 

”I love Three Warriors because we share the same values; besides loving the products, I connected with the brand ethos, the holistic wellness focus and the company’s considered nature, and founder Corbin.
Corbin and I instantly hit it off; I’m so inspired by his passion and dedication to creating beautiful products that uplift and focus on inner beauty and wellness as much as outer beauty.
It’s important to me to support small Australian-made businesses and help them make a meaningful impact.” - Ashley Hart


More-or-less, a less-is-more approach is key in embracing this effortless trend. Ditch the complex routines that ask you to cover up your natural texture and embrace A-beauty is a trend we can really get behind.

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