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Article: Why Exfoliating Should Be Your BFF

Why Exfoliating Should Be Your BFF

Why Exfoliating Should Be Your BFF

Exfoliating, it’s the essential element we love to hate, but let’s be honest, a flawless tan won’t work without a good exfoliatbing scrub.

As beauties who love to glow, it’s fair to say, while we know that to ‘exfoliate’ is to prep our body correctly, it’s kind of the equivalent of Spring cleaning  - you know it needs to be done and feels great after, but the thought of doing it bores you to tears.

We hear you, but what if instead of begrudging it, you could see it for all the amazing benefits it brings to your body and instead begin to enjoy it as a self care ritual and beautiful element to your tanning regime?

To help, we at Three Warriors have created a guide to the benefits of exfoliating along with tips and tricks to get that skin silky soft and help you fall back in love with exfoliating, stat!  

why exfoliate?

You know that ‘soft as a baby’s bottom’ skin? That friends, is EXACTLY why we exfoliate. When we exfoliate, we are gently removing the dead skin cells from the top layer of the skin, naturally shedding any dry and flaky surface layers and allowing the new baby skin to surface to the top.

Think of it as the equivalent to doing a regular juice detox - by exfoliating your skin you can hit refresh and flushing out the dead cells to make space for soft new skin to shine through. 

As a result of renewing the skin surface, this also means skincare products can penetrate deeper, entering the pores more efficiently and offering deeper lasting results. Which, in the case of tanning means the solution can soak in more effectively and not just sit on the surface of old dead skin cells (which often results in  streakiness and /or a speckled tan).

the benefits of exfoliating

Obviously, if we’re talking tanning, then exfoliating works to create a smooth, surface layer that allows a tan to soak more deeply into the skin without sticking to dead skin cells.

But aside from a flawless fake tan, when we exfoliate it also has the following benefits...

  • It minimises age spots by removing dead skin cells that can contain pigment
  • It unclogs pores and allows the skin to release natural oils
  • It minimises risk of breakouts by clearing the pores and stopping sebum from building up
  • It reduces pore size and superficial scarring
  • It can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 
  • It ups absorption of skincare products such as moisturisers and serums
  • It encourages skin cell renewal and allows it to be supple and smooth
  • It rehydrates the skin while boosting vitality and giving you a natural glow

an easy guide to exfoliating

Now you’re aware just how good exfoliating is for your skin and why you need to start like ASAP, let’s talk through the exfoliation process and how to have the most seamless experience.

step 1 # select your exfoliator
There are two types of exfoliators on the market physical (or manual) exfoliators and chemical exfoliators. As an all-natural, organic brand, we at Three Warriors believe the less chemical laden the better, so we recommend going for a physical exfoliator such as our Tasmanian Sand Scrub

While both scrubs come with their own benefits, choosing a chemical exfoliator means the chemicals are responsible for removing the dead skin cells for you, whereas if you opt for a physical scrub, you are in control of the process and can work with natural ingredients to gently exfoliate away the dead skin cells. 

Which is why we love our Tasmanian Sand Scrub it’s an award-winning face and body scrub (yes, you can use it on both!) and is made from white sand sourced from Tasmanian beaches, along with finely ground walnut shell and water sourced from pure, icy cold springs.

If that doesn’t sound divine enough to massage into your skin, it’s also enriched with organic manuka and leatherwood honey, Tasmanian organic olive oil and aloe vera along with a lime and vanilla extract that not only leaves skin nourished and silky soft but smells so delicious you can’t help but want to exfoliate with it! 

step 2 # splash the skin

Be it a full body exfoliation, or a face scrub, make sure to wet the skin first. For those wanting to tan the face only, opting for a splash of warm water in the sink will do the trick. Otherwise for an easy all over exfoliating solution, jump in the shower and soften the skin with a spritz of warm water. This is a gentle way to ease the skin into the exfoliation process and is a lot less harsh on the body than exfoliating on cold, dry skin. 

step 3 # start scrubbing

Being ever so gentle, scoop a little Tasmanian Sand Scrub (or equivalent) into your less dominant hand, and then using the alternate hand (with an optional exfoliating glove on), begin to massage the scrub into the skin using a circular motion.

Continue to scrub, rinse, repeat until every single part of the body is smooth and renewed. Also, make sure to pay careful attention to exfoliating joint areas such as knees, elbows, knuckles and ankles as they tend to get neglected and as a result, store more dead skin cells and show up streaky when tanned if not tended to during the exfoliation process.

Once skin is silky smooth, you’re ready to start tanning! For more on how getting the ultimate faux glow, check out our blog on ‘how to fake tan’ here.

And remember, no faux glow is flawless without a good exfoliate first, so babes, scrub up!

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