Skinimalism: Beauty Experts Top Tips To Embrace The Skin You’re In

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Skinimalism: Beauty Experts Top Tips To Embrace The Skin You’re In

The barefaced beauty trend that speaks to the natural skincare lovers in all of us.

Think Marie Kondo but for your beauty cupboard, skinmimalism is all about culling the chemical-laden cosmetics, saying goodbye to caked-on makeup and hello to embracing bare skin beauty... and we’re so behind it! Think less is more, with an emphasis on loving the skin you’re in and boosting a glow from the inside out.


According to Pinterest’s 2021 Trend Predictions report, it is officially set to be what they call the ‘new glow-up’ that’s set to ‘blow up’ as the major trend this year, following in wake of the clean beauty movement.

It’s no surprise either, with the bare beauty approach that encourages cutting chemicals and being as ‘clean as possible’ has never been more ‘in’ - with Beauty Directory suggesting 90 per cent of consumers now prefer to buy ‘clean beauty’ products as part of their skincare routine.

As an Australian organic fake tan brand that is all about looking good nude and using mother nature-based plant ingredients to nourish skin from the inside out, we at Three Warriors can’t think of a more perfect trend to complement clean beauty. 

The only caveat though of course is that it requires ‘less’ and with it a whole dose of self-love to own your inner confidence and embrace the skin you’re in. 

While we can help you glow from the inside out with our Australian organic fake tan products (shop our tanning range here), we’ve also spoken with beauty industry leaders to get their take on it.

Speaking with Sophia Pafitis, a makeup artist and model who is an advocate of the skinimalist movement, she believes it’s all about building sustainable habits to inspire confidence.

“Start by wearing no makeup as often as you can do you normalise how you look bare-faced with yourself. I rarely wear makeup and to do that confidently I invest time and energy into a solid skincare routine so that I can feel absolutely comfortable to go bare-faced.”

As a makeup artist, Sophia still believes in investing in beautiful makeup but knowing how to wear it in a ‘minimalist’ way. 

“I feel most comfortable with makeup that looks like I’m wearing nothing. I aim for a bright and glowing complexion and if I can opt for a sunless tan, even better.”  

Maddy Dixon, founder of Flora Remedia, a natural skincare brand is also behind the movement.

“In my eyes, skinmimalism is all about using fewer products and less chemical-based ones that are better for both your skin AND the environment. The less bottles we use the better!”

“I really think we are becoming exhausted by choice. Do we really need and want to use ten different skin products each day? No! We have enough to do without having to add in a 30-minute skin routine.”

“I feel women especially are so sick of striving for perfection and are finally starting to realise the importance of taking care of how we feel, not just how our skin looks. I think this is part of the reason why we’re turning to natural remedies and clean beauty products - they are effective but also allow us to connect to ourselves and nature through rituals of self-care.”

She believes it’s an important shift in culture that is allowing women too to understand their conscious habits and reinvest in their health and wellbeing again by choosing a more natural skincare routine.

“I so often hear women talk about how they unknowingly have over-treated their skin with products, disrupting its microbiome and causing inflammation  (such as overusing products like salicylic acid. When really it should always be a case of less is more.”

“The goal is for our skin to be able to moderate itself into health. We might need to help it more to begin with, especially if you have a skin condition but I would suggest tapering off chemical product use so your skin doesn't rely on products too much. That doesn’t mean you don’t keep some necessities, but it will differ from person to person.”

To help you embody your bare-faced beauty, we asked Sophia and Maddy to share their tips for a natural skincare routine and bare makeup look to help radiate confidence naturally.


6 tips to becoming a skinimalist and building inner confidence

  1. Opt for oils

    Use an oil that you can use on your face and body at nighttime. Rosehip is one of my favourites, closely followed by the old faithful jojoba oil,” suggests Maddy.

    “I like to use one during the night and mix it in with my moisturiser during the day. It provides an instant glow and a remedy for reducing wrinkles related to dehydration,” says Sophia.
  1. Sleep in silk

    “I swear by sleeping on a silk pillowcase, it nourishes both your skin and hair,” suggests Sophia. 
  1. Eat skin-friendly foods

    “Pay attention to what you eat. Foods such as dairy for example can be quite inflammatory for some people and can cause acne,” says Maddy. 
  1. Be mindful with makeup

    “As a makeup artist, I work by the philosophy that makeup should enhance the natural structure of the face and compliment features, not mask them. Aim to apply makeup in a minimal way that lets skin look like skin - with a healthy dewy glow of course,”  suggests Sophia. 
  1. Move your body

    “Exercise not only makes you feel good, but sweating is actually great for releasing toxins through your skin too - just make sure you shower straight after, “says Maddy.
  1. Get a glow

    “I swear by the Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist. A quick spritz over cleansed skin and you’re aglow in no time and makes going makeup-free so easy. Nothing is more powerful than a glow that can inspire confidence. When I have a tan, I naturally feel better.”

For more natural beauty tips, skincare routine advice or tanning products to boost your natural glow, simply peruse the Three Warriors blogs or shop page for more.

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