The Three Warrior's Guide To...How Long A Fake Tan Lasts

Going on vacay to the Greek Islands and want to know if you can milk that tan for as long as you’ll be taking cliff top selfies? We hear you.

When it comes to the longevity of fake tan, you want a product you know is worth the time spent on scrubbing, applying and baking. You also want to know that as it begins to fade, you won’t end up looking like a leopard, with spotty patches across your body.

This is where quality counts when it comes to fake tan. By choosing a product that uses only the most natural, high quality ingredients and offers a deep, long lasting colour, such as Three Warriors, you can ensure you will be on your A-game for as long as that holiday lasts.

Which brings us back to the question - how long does fake tan last? Well, essentially it’s down to - the fake tan of choice (gradual, mousse, spray tan), the application process and if you choose to use a tan extender.

Let’s talk through each element, so you know how long you can make that glow go.


the types of fake tan:

  • the gradual tan: a moisturiser that you can apply daily to slowly build a deep tan, a gradual tan allows you to apply as much as you want, as often as you need. The darker you want to be, the more tan you apply, it’s that simple. As for how long this fake tan can last? It’s all down to you. As a rule of thumb, build over 2-3 days and you should get 5-7 quality days before you will need to exfoliate.
  • the self tan mousse: a mousse creates the same deep, dark and flawless effect as a spray tan, and is quickly absorbed into the skin for an all over glow. Just like the gradual tan, the mousse gives you the option for a longer lasting effect and it’s up to you how often you apply. If you want a light natural colour for a one day occasion then perhaps only do one application. If you want a deep, dark colour that gives you that Greek Goddess glow and lasts a week or so, then aim for 2-3 applications and then for continued longevity, either build on it with the gradual tan or stay with the mousse, but know after about 5-7 days exfoliation and a new application is recommended.
  • the spray tan: the most luxe part of a spray tan is that the application process is done for you - all you need to do is stand there and let the experts work their magic. And while you can naturally opt for a light spritz, generally speaking, spray tans are designed to give you a darker, long lasting glow and last up to a week. This makes them the perfect go-to option for a longer lasting tan that’s minimal effort, especially when on holidays.


the application process:

To learn more about how to get a flawless fake tan, see our ‘how to fake tan’ guide [link to other blog article].

the tan extender:

So you’re loving your bronzed bod and want to keep it forever? Your wish is our command. Just use the gradual tan a little each day to continue to build onto your colour. Or alternatively, you can use moisturiser daily to keep skin hydrated, nourished and smooth, this will keep skin from drying and scaly. After a week though, it’s natural that it will start to fade, which is when it’s time to hit refresh and give your bod a good sand scrub with an exfoliator before rebuilding your base again.  


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