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Article: 5 Secrets Behind Sonia Kruger’s Natural Glow

5 Secrets Behind Sonia Kruger’s Natural Glow

5 Secrets Behind Sonia Kruger’s Natural Glow

There’s golden and then there’s Sonia Kruger.

In a league of her very own, Sonia is arguably the number one golden girl of Australian television, responsible for lighting up our screens every night with her signature smile and glow.

As host of The Voice, Dancing With The Stars  and Big Brother, Sonia is a radiant force to be reckoned with… which is why we’re low key psyched (read: ecstatic!) to reveal the Australian star has let us in on the secrets behind her glow.

The best part too is they are all super achievable , affordable and good for you.

For those not yet in the know, the Australian beauty and TV host recently joined us as an official Three Warriors tan ambassador after using our organic tan for years and crediting it for her flawless tan so it naturally made sense we get together to chat and share the love.

 As a brand that prides itself on being organic and letting the product speak for itself, the organic evolution of this partnership couldn’t have been more aligned. 

Sonia exudes an effortless radiance on and offscreen thanks to a holistic health and wellness routine.

With a natural beauty approach and strong self care game, Sonia’s secrets are refreshingly easy and an extension of everything we are about at Three Warriors - from clean beauty to movement and nutrition.

Read on for Sonia’s secrets on how to emulate a golden glow worthy of the spotlight this Summer, as shared on Daily Mail.

1.Create a clear base

Before building a natural tan, Sonia swears by exfoliating her skin as a way to regularly smooth the surface layer, remove dead skin and prep pores for a blank canvas fit for a fresh tan. Her go to product? Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub -

I regularly use it to take off excess body makeup and tanning products .

2. Transition to toxin-free tan

As a woman who spends hours in the makeup chair for TV and has had a high exposure to chemicals, now more than ever, as a mum and role model for positive aging Sonia issensitive to what she allows her skin to be exposed to by being mindful of sun exposure and using products that protect and nourish skin .

In my 20s I wasn't as disciplined as I should have been with sunscreen. However, now, more than ever I realise how important it is to nourish, hydrate and illuminate my skin in ways that are as natural as possible which is why I use Three Warriors Self-Tanning Mousse . It's easy to use, organic and chemical-free.

3. Go au naturel

With a TV schedule that means a lot of air time in heavy makeup, to keep skin fresh, Sonia likes to give her skin a break and “keep things pretty minimal” in her down time. 

With skinminimalism (keeping skin fresh and sans makeup) a current clean beauty trend that promotes a return to natural beauty, Sonia not only supports this beauty philosophy as part of her weekly skin care routine but is conscious about how she keeps skin aglow and nourished in her downtime.

To cut back on makeup and still feel confident, Sonia opts for a spritz of our organic water based face tan mist on her days off instead. “'I use Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist as it contains olive oil and gives me a bit of a glow in next to no time,' she said.

4. Prioritise plant based skincare

On sunless/ or self  tanning days, because let’s be honest we all have one… Sonia always chooses an organic plant-based derived self tan that offers a dual purpose - one that hydrates and nourishes skin and builds a ‘just stepped off the beach glow’ at the same time.

'I was drawn to Three Warriors because it contains plant-based ingredients like aloe vera and olive oil that work to hydrate the skin while also giving you a sun-kissed glow,' she said.

5. Sweat baby sweat

Genetics and a chic organic tan aside, there’s one other secret Sonia believes has been a constant credit to her radiant skin. Exercise!

As a dancer who iconically debuted early on in her career in the Australian film Strictly Ballroom, Sonia still loves to dance regularly to stay fit and bring about that post-sweat glow.

“'I try to work up a sweat dancing a few times a week as part of my Strictly You online dance platform.” As a busy mum, she finds dancing a great way to keep up a exercise routine she loves while keeping her body fit and skin healthy - with sweat a natural toxin release and something she credits for naturally boosting her skin’s vitality.

For more on how you can glow up like Sonia, see our Three Warriors sunless tanning collection here.

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