5 Cult Tanning Essentials For A Low Fuss Summer Glow Up

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5 Cult Tanning Essentials For A Low Fuss Summer Glow Up

…because sticky, streaked tanned sheets are not going to be the deal breaker between you staying in or living your best post-lockdown life.

The temp is up and with it, long hot Summer days by the pool and even longer balmy nights spent in white are calling. A tan is not so much a question, as a given.

However, while we’re all seeking that post lockdown glow up, with humidity not just ruining our hair but often our tan application, being prepped with the right accessories to tan is essentially a prerequisite if you want to pull off an ‘I just woke up like this’ organic glow.

To avoid stickiness, streaked sheets or skin, we’ve curated the best tanning essentials to keep you well equipped to cultivate an organic glow with no tell tale signs - house or bod.

Read on for our expert guide to the tanning essentials you need to stay hot all Summer long - you’re welcome.

5 Cult Tanning Essentials for Summer

The non-negotiables in our eyes - think maximum tanning benefits, minimum fuss, streaks, stains, drama.

1. Tanning sheets

So there’s regular sheets, then there’s tanning sheets. It’s a whole thing. Trust us, you won’t know what you did before them.

Designed specifically to be used only for tanning days, tanning sheets work as a self-tan bed protector. We love Tanzee, it’s an Australian brand that brought them into the mainstream and uses Microfiber Art Silk that is vegan-friendly.

Simply lay out on your bed before tanning and then sleep as per, wake and throw straight in the washing machine. No low key panic over those 200 thread count Egyptian white cotton sheets necessary.

2. Exfoliating glove

Any seasoned tanner knows, supple skin and a blank canvas is the number one priority before you start the tanning application process.

Which is why an exfoliating glove is your bff. Using it with a high quality scrub it works to speed up the exfoliation process, shed dead skin cells stat and get the skin porous and perfect for tanning.

In good news, we’ve taken the hard work out of sourcing one and created our own luxe exfoliating glove.

Bring your bod into balance, get skin primed and supple with our new eco-friendly Three Warriors Exfoliating Glove -  because who doesn’t love supple skin.

Made of eco viscose, scrubbing never felt so fresh, good for you or so environmentally conscious.

Bonus perks? Dead skin cell removal aside it will also help promote a reduction in stretch marks, improve circulation, stimulate collagen and bring on instantly smoother, clearer and softer skin.

As for how to use it? Simply wet the glove, then in upward and downward strokes, exfoliate the full body, with a spoonful of our Three Warriors Tasmanian Sand Scrub blended in for an extra smooth finish.

To keep skin primed, we recommend using 1-3 times per week (depending on tanning regime) in a warm shower or bath.

3. Plant-based tan

Plant-based tanning products belong on a pedestal for a reason. When you work with mother nature, you are working with ingredients derived from the earth and therefore not harmful to skin or health.

As an organic tan brand, we believe blant-based tan will always outweigh a chemical tan.

Aside from reducing your toxin load (a massive health benefit alone - read Three Warriors founder Corbin’s history with toxin harm here), a plant-based product also means a tan that’s less streaky AND smells natural.  Win, win - no?

With a plant-based organic tan you skip the often tell-tale signs that make fake tan so…well fake..are the OTT smell and shade of orange or streaky stain they give off. A chemical tan is a dead give away and sadly not just to us but often with that prospective guy or girl you’re vibing too…

To radiate that girl or guy next door glow, we highly recommend sourcing an organic tan. Our go-to’s are the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse and Three Warriors Face Tan Aqua Mist.

4. A tanning mitt

Perhaps the most crucial tool in your tanning arsenal, a tanning glove or mitt can be the make or break accessory between a perfect all over glow and a streaky, finger lined awkward AF tan job.

When it comes to tanning, a good glove or mitt is what creates an even coverage, smoothes any clumping that can occur when the tan is absorbed by skin and allows for a line-free smooth glow.

In terms of tanning gloves or mitts most are made the same - however some are thin and tend to absorb the tan (and trust us you do not want to remove a glove to find your hands are stained) and some are not made with eco-friendly fabric in mind.

With this said, we’re all about staying in house - the Three Warriors Tanning Mitt is made of eco-friendly velour and ensures no stains or streaks leak through to hands, with each machine stitched.

As winner of Organic Beauty Awards 2021 too you can be assured you are in safe hands…or your hands are safe with us, so to speak.

Designed to work ‘hand in hand’ with the Three Warriors Self-Tan Mousse, to apply, place the glove on your dominant hand then glide fake tan across the body while still wet,  covering all surface areas in a smooth upwards motion.

For further tanning tips see our How To Fake Tan blog here.

5. After tan outfit

If you live alone then you have a natural advantage here to just air dry the tan in the buff. However, whether you live with others or plan to sleep overnight in a tan and don’t love the idea of smudging a fresh tan,  then having an after tan outfit on hand is ALWAYS a good idea.

For women drawn to sack dresses, the brand After Tan Co makes a specific all black bamboo based tanning dress that is designed not only to be streak proof (as it’s black) but features in built padding for coverage so you can stay sans bra and still get the groceries done or attend school pick up no awkward stares - total game changer.

Alternatively, The Tansie Spray tan Onesie is a go-to for those who prefer loose pants. For men, Stans makes simple cotton kimono gowns that are great to throw on after tanning.

A slick tan aside, just remember it’s not just a natural tan itself that benefits, your cream couch and exposed skin will also thank you.

For more tanning essentials see the Three Warriors product page here to shop the range.

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