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Article: Fake Tanning While Pregnant

Fake Tanning While Pregnant

Fake Tanning While Pregnant

If you love a sunkissed, bronzed look, you’re in good company. We believe in the power of the glow. We’re all well aware that sunbathing is out when it comes to achieving a safe and healthy tan. Luckily, fake tanning products can help you develop that natural glow without any of the risks. But are fake tanning products safe while you’re pregnant? There seems to be a bit of mystery surrounding this question, so we’re here to set the record straight. Read on for our guide to fake tanning while pregnant.

Remember, if you’re feeling unsure - with bubbas, it’s never worth the risk. We always recommend seeing a doctor for further information, that way you can feel confident in your decision!

Sun Tanning While Pregnant

Sun tanning of all kinds — whether outdoors or indoors with a UV tanning bed — is just a no-go. Sun tanning is the leading cause of skin cancer, and research has shown that people who use a UV tanning bed just once before the age of 35 increase their risk of melanoma by 75%. Sun tanning actually damages your DNA, which signals to your skin that it needs to put out a protective response to radiation. This very response is what causes your skin to darken after exposure to UV. In other words, any tan that involves UV exposure is simply not healthy or safe.

While there is no current evidence to support that sun tanning can directly affect your baby, UV radiation exposure during pregnancy can break down folic acid. Folic acid is essential in ensuring your baby has a healthy nervous system. You’re most susceptible to UV radiation damage during trimesters one and two, but particularly in the first two months following conception.

So, mums to be, it’s safe to say sunbathing is out of the question when it comes to getting your glow on — but this doesn’t mean you have to forgo that beautiful bronzed look. Enter: the wonder that is fake tan. 

Is Fake Tan Safe When Pregnant?

This is one of the questions we’re asked most frequently and for good reason! It’s important to check that all products are safe for you and your baby-to-be before using them. Luckily, the verdict is in and the experts agree that fake tanning is safe while pregnant! 

Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the magic, non-toxic ingredient responsible for that beautifully bronzed glow. When you apply fake tan, DHA reacts with the cells in the outer layer of the skin which causes a bronzed colour to develop. DHA doesn’t seep any further than the skin’s surface, so it can’t reach or harm your bub. 

Are Three Warriors Tanning Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

All of our Three Warriors tanning products are safe for use during pregnancy. We have created organic, plant-based self-tanning products that contain no nasties, so they’re safe for both you and your little one. Our tanning products and scrubs are certified by OFC and Toxic Free Safe Cosmetics Australia. They are toxic-free and contain no harsh chemicals, animal products, silicones, synthetic pigments, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), petrochemicals, parables, and phenoxyethanol.

Our products are made in Australia from natural materials sourced locally from the shores of Tasmania. Our hero ingredients include olive, coconut, and avocado oils, chamomile extract, aloe vera, and vitamins A, D, and E. These ingredients work together to keep your skin bronzed, hydrated, soothed, and smooth.

For more on why vegan, natural, and organic formulas matter, visit our dedicated blog here.

Can You Get A Spray Tan When Pregnant? 

While tanning lotions, mousses, and creams are considered very safe during pregnancy, some experts suggest it might be a good idea to avoid spray tans, as the effects of inhaling spray tan are not well researched. So, you may want to think twice about heading to the tanning salon, particularly if you’re not sure what products are being used and what chemicals they contain. To be safe, opt for a self-tanning product instead.

Our Three Warriors Spray Tan formula is made from natural and plant-derived ingredients and is free of the harsh chemicals found in most spray tanning products. However, we recommend chatting with your doctor before using any spray tan products while pregnant. 

What Is The Best Fake Tan To Use When Pregnant?

So, which product will help you achieve the best fake tan during pregnancy? This really comes down to what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a subtle, buildable glow, reach for a gradual tan. For an immediate and deep bronze, a tanning mousse is your best bet. 

Gradual Tan

Gradual tan is a buildable tanning product. Our Three Warriors Gradual Tan comes in the form of a lotion, which you can apply to the face and body with your hands or a tanning glove. We love gradual tan because it’s basically fool-proof. You won’t have to worry about getting the colour wrong (read: no Oompa Loompa tans here) because the product builds up your bronze over time. It can be applied daily, every other day, or weekly, depending on your glow goals.

We also love that the experience of applying gradual tan is basically a self-care ritual; there’s nothing quite like getting comfy and massaging a hydrating, soothing lotion into your skin. To all of our pregnant warriors —your bodies are going through a lot, and they definitely deserve a little extra care and indulgence. So, settle in and enjoy. 

If you’re suffering from scent sensitivity or nausea during your pregnancy, you’ll be glad to know that all of our tanning products carry a beautiful lime and vanilla scent. No fake-tan smells allowed!

Tanning Mousse

Looking for an instant bronze? Our Three Warriors Tanning Mousse is for you. It’s a quick-drying mousse that is rapidly absorbed into the skin, delivering a beautiful bronze in an hour. Our formula is free of orange tones to ensure the most natural look.

Pump the mousse onto a mitt and apply to the body in circular motions, making sure you cover all bases. The more tan you apply, the deeper the colour. If you’re looking for the deepest tan, apply generously and sleep in your tan overnight. For a lighter glow, shower your tan off after an hour. 

Fake Tan Remover

When you’re ready to kiss your glow goodbye and start again, we believe a natural exfoliant is the best fake tan remover. Our Tasmanian Sand Scrub is a gentle, 100% natural exfoliant that works to remove old tan and leave your skin feeling smooth and hydrated. This scrub is gentle enough to be used on the face, but steer clear of the extra-sensitive skin just underneath the eyes. 

Jump in the shower and apply the scrub to your skin in circular motions, using your hands or an exfoliating mitt, focusing on dry areas such as the elbows, knees, knuckles, and ankles. 

Patch Test First

While fake tanning products are considered safe for use during pregnancy, it’s a good idea to do a quick patch test beforehand. Fluctuating hormones can sometimes cause skin changes during pregnancy. You may find that your skin is more sensitive or prone to minor allergic reactions. So, simply apply a small amount of product to a patch of skin before going all-out, and make sure no irritation occurs.

Ready to Get Glowing?

It’s time to get your glow on. If you have any questions about fake tanning while pregnant or the ingredients we use in our Three Warriors products, we’re here to help. Get in touch with our TW family here.

You can shop all of the products mentioned here.

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