Why I keep bi-carb soda in my bathroom, and why you should too?

Yes – it’s a weird thing to keep in your bathroom, but if you hear me out, you’ll understand why I keep aluminium free, organic bi-carb soda in my shower and in my bathroom cupboard. No - it’s not just for baking! This handy little ingredient is a natural beauty secret. Here are three ways you can use it.

Do you remember your first experiences with a fake tan? I do. It was back before we had the tan technology and ‘know how’ of today. Terrible tan flashbacks come to mind. The horrific smell. The orange colour. The way it would come off in patches leaving rash like blotches, particularly on your hands and neck. Thank goodness those days are over. We have learnt a lot about tan over the past decade, but one question remains.

How do you
remove your tan instantly? No surprises as to what the solution is. It’s an unlikely match, but bi-carb soda loves to eat away at fake tan. Next time you feel like you’ve overdone it, rub your skin with bi-carb soda in the shower and use a cloth or mitt to wipe it off. It’s much more effective than using an exfoliating scrub alone.

The exfoliating benefits of bi-carb soda lead me to the next benefit of this wonder ingredient. You can use it as a form of natural microdermabrasion. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of organic bicarbonate of soda with ½ teaspoon of lemon juice and ½ teaspoon of water. Massage into your skin for about five minutes with your fingers before you wash off. You’ll be left with fresh new skin without a trip to the beauty salon or clinic. 

Speaking of citrus – you can again combine ½ cup bicarb soda with some lemon (zest, this time) and some orange zest.  About 1 teaspoon each. Try and add ½ cup citric acid, or just lemon juice if you can’t find any. Once combined add to your bath for a fizzy, tangy surprise. This little bath recipe is a great bath bomb alternative.

I also want to share with you that I always buy toothpaste with bicarb soda. It’s the only thing I use for whitening teeth and it’s amazing at reducing stains. Traditional teeth whitening is just bleach and can damage your teeth as well as make them more sensitive. Try bi-carb soda first. The recipes above were extracted from my book, The Botanical Beauty Hunter.