Say no to toxins!

There are lots of hidden nasties in tanning products and it's easy to forget that what we put on our bodies isn’t just skin deep. Sure, our tan is ‘on point’ but how about our health? Toxins are like a bad ex, they hang around. Toxins absorb through the surface of the skin and enter our bloodstream, meaning they can cause systemic changes throughout the body which can have a lasting effect. 

So what should you avoid?

  • Mineral Oil- this little baddie is the son of petroleum. It’s put in tanning solutions to create the smooth texture you love but it's got some secrets… it blocks your pores and it can be carcinogenic. So how do Three Warriors achieve the smoothest and most moisturising gradual tan* on the market you ask? Olive Oil! An all natural ingredient approved by mother nature herself and packed with antioxidants and anti-aging properties.
  • Parabens and fragrances- parabens are used widely in skin care products and they have a direct link to hormone dysfunction which may lead to the development of breast cancer and reproductive issues. That signature ‘fake tan’ scent that is a dead giveaway that your tan is in fact not from your recent trip to Bali, is derived from petrochemicals. Petrochemicals love causing cancer. Three Warriors signature scent is a combo of lime and vanilla extract, and that’s because that’s exactly what we use as two of our main ingredients, lime and vanilla extract.
  • Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate- it’s a mouthful and it’s also an embalmer’s best friend. This nasty is added to tanning agents as a preservative, containing formaldehyde, it does just this, preserves. But it can also cause respiratory issues, widespread skin irritation, and even cancer. It’s a big no from us.

So is Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the ingredient in nearly all tanning products, including Three Warriors, safe? DHA is derived from sugar and reacts with dead skin cells to cause a temporary change of colour. It’s a natural chemical reaction and studies reveal no risk can come of this. So despite the intimidating name, DHA is our friend.

Empowering ourselves with knowledge about what’s packed into your little matte black bottle is the most important tanning decision we think you can make. Let’s take ownership of our health ladies and gents. Three Warriors exists so you can glow without guilt.

*As voted by us, in head office, while we wrote this article.