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Article: Are Organic Spray Tans Safe?

Are Organic Spray Tans Safe?

Are Organic Spray Tans Safe?

Now that we humans have wised up about the dangers of sun-baking (a fitting

name, given UV radiation essentially fries our skin), many of us have turned to fake tanning products to achieve that bronzed glow all year around.

There is a range of self-tanning products on the market; from fake tan lotions and mousses to quick-drying, short-lasting foams. While, like any good parent, we love all our children equally, there’s just something special about the OG fake tan — the spray tan.

It’s no coincidence that organic tanning products are gaining popularity as we’re becoming more environmentally conscious and attentive to what we’re putting into and onto our bodies.

But are organic spray tans safe? We unpack it all below.

For the Love of Spray Tans

We’ll admit, spray tans got a bad rap early on when orange-based formulas swept through beauty salons faster than you could say Oompa Loompa. Thankfully, most of the fake tan formulas you’ll see today use violet and olive-based undertones instead. We’ve well and truly kissed that dreaded orange-effect goodbye.

These days, there’s a lot to love about spray tans. They’re lightweight yet long-lasting, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy that natural-looking glow for longer. It’ll deliver the most even coverage of all tanning products and it’s quick to apply.

Whether you’re heading to the salon to get your glow on or you’ve got your very own spray tan machine, you might be wondering about the safety of spray tans.

Let’s get into it. 

Are Organic Spray Tans Safe?

Firstly, let’s take a look at the safety of spray tanning in general. The short answer is that spray tanning is absolutely safe.

Now for the long answer. Bear with us, we’re going to get a little technical here.

The Deal With DHA

All fake tan formulas, organic or not, contain Dihydroxyacetone (DHA). DHA is the ingredient responsible for creating that bronzed colour.

While the name looks a bit scary, it’s actually a chemical derived from sugar. DHA has been approved by The American Journal of Dermatology and the Food and the US Food And Drug Administration for use on the skin, so we’re in the clear there.

The experts advise that measures should be taken to protect the lips, eyes, and mucous membranes from DHA-containing products, and that ingestion and inhalation should be avoided. That’s why it’s preferable to wear a mask when getting a spray tan and to close your eyes and mouth when tanning the face. 

Back to how DHA works. Essentially, it reacts with dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin, which causes a temporary change in colour. All fake tans, including spray tans, only interact with the outer layer of the skin; they don’t seep below the skin’s surface.

So, all this is to say that spray tans in general are considered very safe.

Organic Spray Tans

As we mentioned earlier, organic formulas are becoming increasingly popular. If, like us, you aren’t all that excited about regularly coating your skin in chemicals, an organic fake tan is the way to go.

For a fake tan product to be classified as Certified Organic, it needs to contain at least 70% organic ingredients and the rest of the formula must contain only natural ingredients.

Organic formulas are generally considered to be safer and gentler on the skin, as they don’t contain harmful chemicals, toxins, artificial colours, or fragrances.

An organic spray tan formula allows you to get your glow on without exposing your skin to UV radiation (as sunbaking does) or chemicals (as non-organic fake tanning formulas do).  In other words, when you opt for an organic spray tan, you’re making the safest choice for your skin. 

It’s always a good idea to do a patch test, particularly if your skin is sensitive, to ensure that you’re not allergic to any ingredients in the formula. Then you’re good to go!

Our Organic Spray Tan Formula

We’re very proud of our fake tan formula. All of our Three Warriors products, including our Three Warriors Spray Tan Solution, are Certified Organic. They are also certified by the Organic Food Chain and the Toxic-Free Safe Cosmetics Australia Council.

All of our products are cruelty-free, free-range, ethically sourced, and FREE from:

  • Harmful chemicals
  • Synthetic fragrances
  • Animal derivatives
  • Food colouring
  • Parabens 
  • SD alcohol
  • Phthalates
  • Petrochemicals
  • Propylene glycol
  • Phenoxyethanol
  • Artificial dyes
  • GMO’s
  • Formaldehyde 
  • Aluminium
  • Sulphaes
  • Pesticides
  • Herbicides
  • Genetic modifications
  • Hormones
  • Antibiotics

Instead of filling up our products with any of those nasties, we’ve included natural ingredients sourced locally from the shores of Tasmania. Our organic spray tan solution includes:

  • Aloe vera
  • Avocado oil
  • Tasmanian olive oil
  • Lime oil
  • Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice
  • Chamomile extract
  • Vanilla planifolia fruit extract
  • Grape seed extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Tasmanian spring water 
  • Organic ethanol
  • Natural caramel
  • Natural propanediol 
  • Natural hydrolysed jojoba esters
  • Natural polyglyceryl-10 laurate
  • Dehydroacetic Acid
  • Benzyl Alcohol

These natural and organic ingredients are designed to keep the skin hydrated and smooth, as well as reduce any redness or inflammation. 

How Long Does An Organic Spray Tan Last? 

Provided you prep your skin properly and moisturise daily, your spray tan should last up to a week. It may wear off sooner or last even longer depending on how long you leave your tan on before showering.

For a light, subtle glow, wash off your tan after an hour. For a medium tan, shower after two to three hours. For the deepest and darkest tan, shower after four to five hours, or leave your tan on overnight. 

How To Apply Organic Spray Tan

When it comes to achieving the perfect spray tan, preparation is key. A little extra effort is worth it — no one likes a streaky or patchy tan. 

We recommend following the below steps:

The Day Before You Tan

If going hair-free is your jam, wax or shave the day before you tan.

Take this time to exfoliate your whole body, too. We recommend using our Tasmanian Sand Scrub, which is a natural exfoliator that will gently remove any dead skin cells.

After you’ve scrubbed, moisturise from head to toe. This will prevent your skin from drying out.

The Day Of Your Tan

Jump in the shower right before you tan to remove any perfumes, moisturisers, and oils from your body.

Then, go nude or opt for a thin g-string to minimise tan lines and avoid a streaky result.

If you’re using a spray tan machine, keep the spray gun 20 to 30cm away. Spray in a downwards motion (from your thighs to your calves to your feet) in slow, even sweeps.

Take extra care around the ankles, knees, and elbows — these areas don’t require as much solution, so go lightly.

Once you’re all done, pop on some loose-fitting clothes until you’re ready to shower it all off.

When you jump in the shower, ensure the water is lukewarm. Rinse off your tan without soap, then pat dry and moisturise. 

Removing Your Spray Tan

When your tan is on its last legs (you’ll likely notice it’s looking a little patchy), it’s time to exfoliate again.

Apply some Tasmanian Sand Scrub to your exfoliating mitt and use gentle, circular motions to exfoliate your skin. This will help to loosen the dead skin cells and tan residue.

Then, you’re ready to tan again!

Get Glowing

Organic spray tans are safe and effective for achieving a natural, bronzed glow.

You can explore all of the products we mentioned here, or get in touch with us if you have any questions about tanning, organic formulas, and spray tans.

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