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Article: 4 Leading Entrepreneurs On What Their Mother’s Have Taught Them About Confidence

4 Leading Entrepreneurs On What Their Mother’s Have Taught Them About Confidence

4 Leading Entrepreneurs On What Their Mother’s Have Taught Them About Confidence

We wouldn’t be here without the support of the women in our lives, we couldn’t think of a more fitting way to celebrate the leading women in our lives than with an ode to our mums and what they’ve taught us about embracing the skin we’re in.

Speaking with some of Australia’s leading health, beauty, jewellery entrepreneurs who exude a kind of kick-ass radiance that can’t be bought, we decided to find out how their mum’s have inspired, shaped and bolstered them to be the strong, confident men and women .

Read on for their life lessons from the heart as inspired by the mums in our lives.

1. Ignore the haters

Maddy Dixon, the founder of Flora Remedia, a beautiful natural botanical skin care, oils and makeup brand, says this has been fundamental to her life.

“My mum always taught me to not give a f**** about what other people think. She always has instilled in me that their opinion is a reflection of themselves and has nothing to do with me.”

If something doesn't sit right with me or if I feel like I am not being treated as I think I should be, then I feel confident enough to stand up for myself thanks to my mum who always set an example and taught me to sit within my values and stand up for yourself in a way that is respectful but firm.”

ignore haters

2. Own who you are and always give it your best shot

Corbin Halliday, the founder of Three Warriors, certified organic tanning products and exfoliating scrubs,  truly believes her impact has allowed him to own who he is and put his full heart into his business.

“My mother always taught me to be confident in my skin and to never let anyone else tell me otherwise. I’ve always lived by this advice and I think it bodes me well as a beauty entrepreneur with a thriving tan line and a golden glow to boot.”

“She also always taught me that whatever path I chose to be on, to always put my best foot forward, as the greater the effort, the greater the reward.”

always give your best shots

3. Live beyond your comfort zone, be open to feedback and honour your mistakes as opportunities for growth

Hannah Vasicek, founder of Francesca, boutique jewellery label, credits her ability to bounce back, be resilient, grow and evolve as a business woman and mother from her beloved mum.

“My mum has been amazing for pushing me outside of my comfort zone as a child and encouraging me to learn from my mistakes!

“Growing up as a child I played the violin and my mum would always give me the space to decide when to practice but make small encouragements along the way to stick to it. Every time I had a recital and didn’t perform as well as I could have, she would take the time to have a kind and conscious discussion with me on how I could have changed the outcome with a change of habit and practice.”

“It’s little moments like this that in hindsight were about giving me space for autonomy but also to reflect on my own choices and decisions that have allowed me to become the confident businesswoman and mother I am now. Trial and error along with critical reflection continue to make me the confident woman I am today.”

be open to feedback

4. Believe you always deserve the best

Nina Sabey, founder of Nurtur (Pregnancy wellness boxes) attributes her mum for always seizing life and aiming high.

“Just as Heath Ledger said: ‘Don’t let anyone ever make you feel like you don’t deserve what you want,’ my mum also instilled this in me from an early age.”

“In the early stages of a career change, relationship, or say, when I uprooted my life to another country, it’s not uncommon for people to (deliberately and not) add fear to your dream.”

you always deserve the best

“Logically a part of you thinks: ‘How can I be right when all these people and doubts are telling me I can’t?’ But my mum always taught me that you have it inside yourself to do it, so believe in yourself, work hard and good things will happen.”

“She’s truly made me into the go-getter and confident woman I am today. I am always looking to aim higher and when I make up my mind on something I never give up on working hard to achieve it.”

For more inner confidence tips, skin care routine advice or for tanning products your mum may love this Mother’s Day,  head to Three Warriors for more.

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