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Hand & Surface Sanitising Mist

Hand & Surface Sanitising Mist

You asked, we delivered. The TW Hand and Surface Sanitising Mist is an organic alcohol-based formula that kills 99.99% of germs without water. Made with aloe vera, eucalyptus and lemongrass, our organic hand sanitiser leaves hands soft and refreshed, and rooms sanitised. 

  • Rinse-free and non-sticky.
  • Available in a 150ml bottle.

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An organic hand sanitiser and surface spray, this gentle mist can be spritzed on skin or on surfaces around the home, keeping both safe, soft and clean at all times.

As one of our sensitive skin products, the TW Hand and Surface Sanitising Mist is suitable for all skin types and can be easily incorporated into a daily skin care routine and - unlike other hand sanitisers - it will leave hands soft and nourished after just a spritz!

As a multi-purpose mist, organic hand sanitiser aside, it’s also a surface spray that will kill any germs threatening to throw off your healthy home vibes.

Note: As one of our sensitive skin products, this organic hand sanitiser and surface spray can be used as often as you like to nourish your hands and home.

Why we love it:

It’s made using natural and organic ingredients
It’s free of nasty preservatives, chemicals and toxins
It has aloe vera that naturally hydrates and moisturises skin.
It’s easy to use and suitable as part of a daily skin care routine.
It’s cruelty free skin care that you can trust.
It will leave you waking up looking good minus the makeup ;)

Also, not to brag but with the best face tan in Australia and celebrity clients like Ashley Hart, Sonja Kruger, Sam Frost and Roxy Jacenko, our organic hand sanitiser is sure to win you over too.

Three Warriors products are all Certified organic, Australian Certified Toxic-Free, Cruelty Free.

We are proud to produce a luxurious, natural scented product with a 70 per cent alcohol-based formula that can kill up to 99.99% of germs without water and leave hands soft and refreshed, and rooms sanitised. 

As an organic, Australian made mist, the surface and hand sanitiser is one of our favourite sensitive skin products that, like our face tan, can also be spritzed at any time and suitable as part of a daily skin care routine.

The surface mist and hand sanitiser is made using the following natural ingredients...

      • Aloe vera: a natural hydrator that locks in moisture and soothes skin.
      • Eucalyptus: a natural antimicrobial that kills germs.
      • Lemongrass: a natural citrus scent that instantly refreshes a room.

Three Warriors Hand and Surface Sanitising Mist is free from animal products, silicones, synthetic pigments, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), Sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, parabens, phenoxyethanol.

Worried about allergies or our hand sanitsers’ specific ingredients? We’ve got you warriors! Read our FAQS page here or email us to enquire further about our hand sanitiser formula.

For hands:

  1. Start with a scrub
    Why not bring a little self care to your hands and prep them for silky soft sanitised skin by removing dead skin cells first with a scrub (we love Three Warrior Tasmanian Sand Scrub). Using gentle circular motions to exfoliate skin, you’ll also give yourself the hand massage you never knew you needed!
  1. Rinse and repeat
    Wash hands thoroughly to remove the exfoliator, and towel dry until soft and smooth, leaving the skin surface clean, naked and ready for hand sanitiser. 
  1. Spritz away
    Hold the bottle 5cm away then spritz the organic hand sanitiser across fingertips, palms and the full surface of the skin, allowing the mist to settle into skin and soak into pores until soft and refreshed. 

For home:

  1. Spritz away!
    To use our hand and surface sanitising mist at home, just grab a clean cloth, spritz your desired surface with the hand sanitiser and smooth the cloth over the area to say goodbye to germs and hello to a safe, sanitised and clean scented home.

To learn how to prep and exfoliate or extend the fake tan read our ‘How To’ page here.

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