directions of use…

Gradual Tan & Full Body Life Scrub


Use just like a moisturiser. Apply evenly to desired area, go easy on the face, hands, and feet. Feel your skin instantly hydrate & rejuvenate, wash your hands well with our Full Body Life Scrub. Over the next couple hours you are going to be transformed into a Warrior!


Wet your body and exfoliate away all your life struggles using our Tasmanian Sand & Walnut Shell Scrub. Life Scrub is the perfect way to renew your skin,
use daily before moisturising,
or prior to a tanning application.

Organic Self-Tanning Mousse & Spray Tan Solution


The best of both worlds, wash & wear, or dare to apply and leave on!!!

Apply a large amount of tan to our eco-friendly mitts, and in a circular motion lather on whole body! Leaving on for 1-5 hours, depending on desired colour, wash off in a quick, lukewarm shower, ensuring to scrub hands and face lightly to remove excess.


Professional use only, requires a spray tan machine for application. After applying tan, allow 1-5 hours developing time (see colour guide).

Shower very quickly and pat down, all the bronzer will wash off and you will feel very light with a tinge of purple. Wait and watch your skin transform, as you become the warrior you’re meant to be!

Colour Guide & Further Direction


For the perfect Warrior Tan

Ensure all of your hair removal i.e. shaving & waxing occurs at least 24 hours prior to your self tanning application. Do not shave or wax on the day tanning application.

Use our Full Body Life Scrub to gently exfoliate your skin at least 24 hours prior to your tanning application to remove any dead cells. Do not exfoliate on the day of your tanning application.

Colour will vary depending on the individual, your skin is unique!

1 Hour – A light tan

2-3 Hours – A light to medium tan

4-5 Hours – A medium to dark tan

After processing time, wash off excess with a very quick shower, then watch as your bold & fierce tan develops!