Over many months of product testing, we finalised a unique formulation that provides an incredible even & natural tan. The use of Tasmanian Manuka & Leatherwood Honey provides a luxurious scent and glow.

It is a non-streaky formula that showcases cool tones, while also adapting to your individual skin needs. Our Full Body Life Scrub will polish & leave you looking smooth.

Let our products help you look your best as you get ready to face a new day.


Our products are changing lives by providing awareness & supporting water projects that transform communities. We have partnered with Wello Water to provide WaterWheels for villages. These decrease the physical and economic toll that collecting water has on communities in developing regions.

Let’s be honest, life is tough; we all need a little bit of help sometimes. Every day we face our own challenges & so we place importance on celebrating Everyday Warriors.


We thrive on the feeling that you get after you purchase and wear a product free from chemicals, toxins and cruelty. Products that are made from pure key ingredients sourced in Tasmania.

Three Warriors is all about “what you see is what you get”, we believe in Only The Better Stuff.

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Corbin halliday


Corbin comes from a successful career in the beauty industry. About 3 years ago, Corbin fell physically unwell resulting in him having to give up the profession that he loved. During this time, Corbin realised he wanted to help people who are suffering from illnesses or lacking vital resources. He researched & changed the way he lived & witnessed the positive effects of  organic products. From this, the idea of Three Warriors was born.

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